Baahlm! Gets a Facelift!

Updated: Mar 10

Since the birth of Baahlm! in October 2020, we have come a long way in such a short time.

Primarily a lip care brand, we have now branched our product line out to bodycare too! Hense the re-brand. Its not just "ahh for your lips" anymore, its BODY SAY "AHH!"

Thats right, we have recently introduced our intensely hydrating and conditioning body balm in three delicious fragrances. Over the coming months there will be new fragrances released, including an irresistible Christmas balm!

Beyond this, we are in the early stages of perfecting our new line of facial products which include a deep cleansing balm and a nourishing moisturizing balm. These products will be available for various skin types, INCLUDING oil and acne prone!

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